Papers in Peer Reviewed Journals: 
  1. The productivity gaps of female owned firms: Evidence from Ethiopian census, Economic Development and Cultural Change, forthcoming (with D. Essers and K. Megersa)

  2. What factors drive successful industrialization? Evidence and implications for developing countries, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, forthcoming (with N. Haraguchi and B. Martorano)

  3. Investors’ characteristics and the business climate as drivers of backward linkages in Vietnam, Journal of Policy Modeling, forthcoming (with C. Franco and A. Seric)

  4. FDI, Global Value Chains and Local Sourcing in Developing Countries, World Development, 113: 73-88, 2019 (with V. Amendolagine, A. Presbitero, and R. Rabellotti). [VoxEU][Bloomberg][EIBA 2017 best Paper track IB and Ec Geography

  5. Diverse twins: analysing China’s impact on Italian and German exports using a multilevel quantile regressions approach, Applied Economics, 50 (28), 3051-3065, 2018 (with G. Giovannetti and M. Velucchi).

  6. Importing and Firm Export Performance: New Evidence from South AfricaSouth African Journal of Economics, 86, 79-95, 2018 (with L. Edwards and A. Sudaram). 

  7. Highly skilled returnees and the internationalization of EMNEs: Firm level evidence from ChinaInternational Business Review, 26 (3), 579-591, 2017 (with X. Fu and J. Hou). [IBR Best Journal Paper Award 2018]

  8. Catching-up, Structural Transformation and Wage Inequality: Lessons from Asia, Industrial and Corporate Change, 26 (4):555-570, 2017 (with B. Martorano and D. Park).

  9. Spillovers from Agglomerations and FDI. A Multilevel Analysis on SSA Domestic FirmsReview of World Economics, 152(1): 147-176, 2016 (with A. Seric).

  10. China’s competition and the export price strategies of developed countriesInternational Review of Applied Economics, 30 (2), 238-254, 2016 (with G. Giovannetti).

  11. The impact of outward FDI on the performance of Chinese firmsChina Economic Review, 36: 42-57, 2015 (with C. Cozza and R. Rabellotti). [WP version quoted by The Economist]

  12. Structural change and wage inequality in themanufacturing sector: long run evidence from East AsiaOxford Development Studies, 43(2): 212-231, 2015 (with B. Martorano).

  13. Supply Chains and the Internationalization of Small FirmsSmall Business Economics, 44(4): 465-485, 2015 (with G. Giovannetti and E. Marvasi). 

  14. FDI from Emerging Markets and the productivity gap - An analysis on affiliates of BRICS EMNEs in EuropeInternational Business Review, 24(4): 665-676, 2015. 

  15. Impact of South-South FDI and trade on the export upgrading of African economiesWorld Development, 64: 1-17, 2014 (with A. Amighini).

  16. Investigating Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investments: How Can Firm-level Data Help? China & World Economy, 22(6): 44-63, 2014 (with A. Amighini, C. Cozza and R. Rabellotti).

  17. Do Chinese SOEs and private companies differ in their internationalisation strategies? China Economic Review, 27: 312-325, 2013 (with A. Amighini and R. Rabellotti).

  18. China’s outward FDI: An industry-level analysis of host country determinantsFrontiers of Economics in China, 8(3): 309-336, 2013 (with A. Amighini and R. Rabellotti).

  19. Innovative features in poverty reduction programmes: the impact evaluation of Chile Solidario on households and childrenJournal of International Development, 24(8): 1030-1041, 2012 (with B. Martorano).

  20. Chinese FDI Strategy in Italy: The “Marco Polo” EffectInternational Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development, 4(4): 277-291, 2011 (with C. Pietrobelli and R. Rabellotti).

  21. China’s Economic Cooperation with AfricaJournal of African Development, 13(2): 143-175, 2011 (with G. Giovannetti).

  22. Successes in Social Protection: What lessons can be learned? Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 32(4): 439-453, 2011 (with A. de Haan, G. Giovannetti, and R. Sabates-Wheeler)..

  23. Chinese FDI to Africa: What the nexus with Foreign Economic Cooperation? African Development Review, 22 (S1): 599-614, 2010.

  24. Outward FDI from Developing Country MNEs as a Channel for Technological Catch-Up, Seoul Journal of Economics, 23 (2): 239-261, 2010 (with A. Amighini and R. Rabellotti).

  25. Do Chinese exports crowd-out African goods? An Econometric Analysis by Country and SectorEuropean Journal of Development Research, 21(4): 506-530, 2009 (with G. Giovannetti).

  26. Understanding China's Move into Africa: An Empirical AnalysisJournal of Chinese Business and Economic Studies, 7(1): 31-53, 2009 (with M. Biggeri). 

Ongoing Work
  • Markups Dispersion and Firm Entry: Evidence from Ethiopia, with K.A. Damoah & G. Giovannetti (U of Florence) DISEI WP N. 16/2018, University of Florence (R&R)

  • Input Tariffs, Roads and Firm Performance: Evidence from Ethiopia, with M. Fiorini (EUI) and A. Sundaram (U of Auckland), IGC Working Paper F-32403-ETH-1

  • Manufacturing Accellerations in Developing countries, with B. Martorano, N. Haraguchi and A. Shingal (R&R)

  • Chinese development assistance and household welfare in sub‐Saharan Africa, with B. Martorano (UNU-Merit) and L. Metzger (ETH Zurich), UNU-Merit Working Paper N. 12/2018

  • FDI and Capital Formation in Developing Economies: New Evidence from Industry-level Data, with A. Amighini (U. of Eastern Piedmont) and M. McMillan (Tufts and IFPRI), NBER Working Paper N. 23049 (submitted)

  • Firm Performance and Participation in Public Procurement: Evidence from SSA, with B. Hoekman (EUI), CEPR DP N. 12572 (R&R)



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